Thank you for showing interest in EMOS FRM, the simple test framework for WinRunner®. Explore this document to find out how to develop WinRunner scripts that allow non-technical people (people with practically no WinRunner knowledge) to write most of the functional tests you will ever need.

About this document

In this document you can find background information about the test automation approach - the foundations of EMOS FRM. Further you will find detailed descriptions of various parts of the framework and tips for its effective usage.

Other documents

EMOS FRM is accompanied with the API documentation. This is a Java-like set of HTML files that describe the functions contained in the EMOS_GPL library.


About the authors

The EMOS FRM was developed by an enthusiastic team of software developers/testers of EMOS Computer Consulting GmbH. Please do let us know what you think about this product. In particular let us know about our mistakes.



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