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This directory structure contains an example of EMOS Framework project based on the Flight Reservation System - an example application which is distributed with WinRunner®.

System requirements

Installation instructions

  1. unzip the example into directory of your choice
  2. set Scripts/startup script as your startup script
  3. restart WinRunner
  4. activate EMOS Framework at sturtup via WinRunner add-in manager
  5. invoke Scripts/kickoff test in interactive mode


Request for feedback

We have created this example in a very short period of time. As with the most of the "goody" projects, the chronical lack of time was the main desease. Nevertheless, we still hope to have made it useful. Your feedback will help us improve it. Many thanks.

Dean Rajovic

WinRunner is registered trademark of Mercury Interactive Corporation 2002, EMOS Computer Consulting GmbH
Together is registerd trademark of TogetherSoft www.emos.de