Welcome to EMOS_Frame Yahoo! group - the forum for users of EMOS Framework!


EMOS Framework is an advanced technique for development of automated regression tests with WinRunner. Through its holistic approach EMOS Framework is suitable for rapid creation of new WinRunner projects. Through its open API and 100% TSL implementation it is well suited for integration into existing WinRunner projects, too.

The philosophy of EMOS Framework is based on an optimal balance between test tool (i.e. WinRunner) expertise and generic testing expertise. We presume that very good tool expertise is always seldom in real projects. EMOS Framework was designed to make the experienced WinRunner specialists more productive. This may significantly change the way you perform automated testing with WR in future.

Novices to WinRunner may still find EMOS Framework interesting as it contains plenty of useful routines and code examples. It may prove helpful in justifying the limitations of capture & reply technique and, so to say, speed up the maturing process.

The most effective way to start with EMOS Framework is by doing a pilot project accompanied with some good consulting/training. There are, of course, plenty of reasons not to do it this way. :(

The second best way to learn about EMOS Framework requires lots of reading and experimenting on your own:

  1. download & install the base software
  2. read some backgrounds
  3. read more backgrounds
  4. download, install AND analyse the FlightDemo and/or MercToursWebDemo
  5. read FAQs
  6. copy template project TPL, run, analyse & make your own project with it
  7. analyse EMOS Framework code (again)
  8. download & experiment with EMOS Framework Wizard
  9. read more background
If you don't give up earlier, you are most welcome to place your questions and ideas in this forum.

Welcome again!

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