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Succesfull, automated software
is the  result of knowhow and experience. 
Structured way of acting  makes the process to obtain a general view!

The use of intelligent technics is a huge advantage to obtain an expected  result  at a definite point of time. 

The development of  an automated test is in the first  phase the functional realization of a concept. 

Early should be observed structured proceeding to supervise a mix of requirements.
Advanced data driven testautomation,e.g. 
realized in

EMOS Frame

for Winrunner
® scripts , 
enables me, as a


to create in short  time a frame of modules. Within  the 
frame the  testcases are arranged in a 


 of linked Excel sheets . 

The benefit of this is, that no toolspecific knowledge is necessary to fill the control data for the diverse tests (functional tests, integration tests  etc.) .

That means, the testdata in the sheets are stored and administrated absolutely seperated from the acting TSL - scripts . 


Example of  password administration

The datatable Testsuit.xls  


 controls in rows the datatable  TestData.xls (see below) with the testcases.

In this datatable are the tests composed in columns (122_134 5) . In each column is a  testsequence with calls for the testbrik that will  be read out. The statements are listed  top down .  In the testbrik may be navigationsstatements (buttons or menus), editfields to  be filled, questions to the object conditions or attributes.
These datas do not have to be created manually. They can be generated out of the GUI.

It is also possible to arrange calls to other sub datatables with testdata , so that complete courses of business can be tested.


The testbrik "Benutzer_Details" (row 18 of the Excel sheet) in the datatable  TestData.xls
 is in the  testsequence (3.row  of the Excel sheet) of column- 1 - (column "D" of the Excel sheet) the third item ("Benutzer_Details"). 
testbrik "Benutzer_Details the item CHK initialises the reading from the application and the comparison of input with the stored contents of data 
(<<clear>> = empty edit field ). 

This example  is checking  the first appearance of the GUI* "Paßwortadministration" on the screen. In column -2 - the password is edited the first time and in  column -2_1 -  

the input compared again (here, if the contents of the edit field is read protected).

  EMOS-Frame (lesser general public licence) supports this kind of data storage very efficiently . Function calls from libraries have the following structure:

public function FRM_Benutzer_Daten ( in table, in test, in idx, in mode )
auto rc;
rc = FRM_init_block( table, test, idx, mode );
if ( rc != E_OK )
return rc;
rc+=EMOS_set_window ("Administration_Benutzer_Bearbeiten", 5);
rc+=FRM_edit_set ( table, test, "Benutzername" );
rc+=FRM_edit_set ( table, test, "Vollständiger Name" );
rc+=FRM_edit_set ( table, test, "Passwort" );
rc+=FRM_edit_set ( table, test, "Paßwortbestätigung" );
rc+=FRM_button_set ( table, test, "Benutzer darf Paßwort ändern" );
rc+=FRM_button_set ( table, test, "Benutzer darf Benutzereinstellungen ändern" );
rc+=button_press( "OK" );
return rc;

The modularity makes it possible to get a high level of flexibility in the process of creation und analysis of complex automated tests with variable interfaces. 

Last a comment about the  "Test Results" in Winruner: the functions of the EMOS frame support the generation of all test specific data automatically-  like window, object, action, contens of data, rownumber in the script and "tl_step"-relevant declarations to reach a quick analysis and a complete documentation.

 I have installed this frame very succesfully  in insurance  (Allianz Versicherung AG), in  bank (Deutsche Bank AG) and telecommunication (-Systems der Deutschen Telekom AG) as well as in production!



Feel free to contact me and get informed of the highlights giving WinRunner® a Turbo!!!





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